Timo Scharf is a singer-songwriter and pop musician based in Hamburg, Germany. 

He has lived and worked in his adopted home of Hamburg for years, but travels inexhaustibly all over the world, always looking for new inspiration and additions to his record collection. Timo deals with interpersonal relationships and describes in his songs topics such as love, fears, loss and the search for one's own place in a world that seems to be spinning ever faster. With his debut single “Somebody” Timo underlines his deep connection to the British music scene. Together with James Hopkins (November Lights) and Londoners Marc Dowding and Charlie Finn, Timo Scharf writes a song that is more than just a simple love story. The song was produced by UK producer Ross Hamilton aka Buzz Killer (Nathan Evans, Seafret, Jack Savoretti, Saint Phnx) in Glasgow and lays the foundation for Timo's international pop-inspired sound. 

Since 2022, Timo has been working with the Munich based producer Kilian Reischl (Malik Harris, Antje Schomaker, Cosby). Together they will release more songs over the course of the year, which will further sharpen Timo's profile as a pop artist. In 2024, Timo Scharf will now be on the road with his first live set to touch more hearts and win them over for himself and his music, which is reminiscent of artists like Calum Scott, Tom Grennan or Dermot Kennedy. There is more to come for Timo Scharf, expect more soon from this year's big male vocal prospect.

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